I have to admit, in this usually fair and balanced-ish space that we call EW Exclusive-ville (it’s Margaritaville-adjacent), that I very much enjoy Canadian indie-kook collagists the Hidden Cameras on my own time.

“Boys of Melody” bobs up regularly in my iTunes top 25; I like their take on “Music Is My Boyfriend” much better than Sky Sweetnam’s (honestly, I didn’t even know hers existed until I YouTubed it and saw it was approximately 98347 times more popular. But I stand by my opinion!).

Now there’s a new HC record due, Origin: Orphan, this September, and those of you who haven’t yet seen the delightfully odd video for first single “In the Na” — or even those who have — should listen to another album track, “Walk On,” below:

var flashvars = {soundPath:”″, autoplay:”no”};

var params = {};

var attributes = {};

swfobject.embedSWF(“”, “singleflashPlayer”, “192”, “67”, “9.0.0”, “#FFFFFF”, flashvars);Am I the only one hearing serious shades of David Essex’s minor-key 1973 masterpiece “Rock On” here? (Yes, the one covered by Def Leppard in 2006, and turned into a number-one hit by soap star Michael Damian in 1989.)

It’s like the song got squeezed through some woozy sonic juicer, and I like it, blue jean baby queen. But you tell me, Music Mixers — would you run to “Walk,” and Origin too?