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Above, please find the official bracket for's Music Mix Search for the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Act of All Time Tournament Poll Challenge Thing. Hundreds of you wrote in to share your picks, and through a completely not-scientific compilation process, we've come up with 32 contestants and seeded them according to strength, popularity, and general guilt. We're pitting them head to head until we reach a thunderdome of epically cheesy proportions, and walk away with a winner, so check out the match-ups, print out the bracket so you can play at home, and leave your comments after the beep.

NOTE: The role of Savage Garden will be played by Poison for the remainder of this competition. Savage Garden were forced to drop out due to an unfortunate combination of astute reader response pointing out that somehow we totally forgot to put any hair metal on the list — a truly egregious oversight we hope has now been sufficiently remedied — and because certain proprietors of the Guilty Pleasures game could not come up with anything interesting to write about Savage Garden. The Music Mix regrets any confusion.

Round One

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