The first half hour of Thursday’s Tonight Show included so many ridiculous things I had no idea I really wanted to see…until they happened. First, this brilliant and accurate infographic depicting the rise — and steady engorgement — of Former President Bill Clinton’s media approval. Then, bears! A bear was just chilling in the audience. But not the L.A. suburbs’ loose bear! Nah, just a “DIFFERENT BEAR.” I died, then revived in time for Conan to use the old “we have such a huge studio now!” excuse as a reason to shill for Domino’s Pizza with an ingenious 40-employee domino effect. I’m seriously impressed with the employees’ ability to stay in formation for a few whole minutes as Conan and Andy Richter giggled/munched their way through the rest of the segment. That’s tough!

Clearly, my standards re: greatness have issues today. I’m choosing to apply a low standard of concern re: that. Who doesn’t like dominoes?