By Lynette Rice
August 13, 2009 at 04:50 PM EDT

Instead of its usual live airing, tonight’s Big Brother offering will be a taped episode in anticipation of a possibly volatile eviction ceremony. CBS has yet to respond to requests from EW for comment, but the belief is Chima, the hotheaded houseguest who’s serving as this week’s head of household, could throw a fit if fellow HG Jeff uses his “wizard power,” aka the secret coup d’etat power that America granted him last week. All this may sound like Sanskrit to you non-BB fans so here’s a quick explanation: The coup d’etat will allow Jeff to overturn Chima’s eviction nominations (in this case, Lydia and Russell) and pick new nominees should he choose to exercise it today, thus making for a pretty dramatic episode. But Chima, who fans have already seen go off on Russell, could turn her threats into reality (she has apparently said she’ll go “batcrap crazy”) and turn the ceremony into a train wreck — thus the Web chatter about the reason behind taping the show early.

What do you think? Should BB take Chima’s threat seriously? Will this ruin a possibly craptastic episode?