A California judge issued a ruling on Wednesday awarding rights to various aspects of the Superman mythology to the family of the character’s co-creator, Jerry Siegel, reports Variety. Because Siegel conceived and published key elements of the character before DC Comics bought the franchise, the Siegel family has sued Warner Bros. and DC for copyright infringement. After today’s ruling, the family now control the rights to Superman’s origins, the planet Krypton, his parents, Superman as an infant, and his fiery crash into Earth. A previous court order last year awarded the family copywright ownership of Lois Lane, The Daily Planet, and alter-ego Clark Kent. Now the studio is left to sort out how much it owes the Siegels for profits they’ve collected from the character since 1999. And since full ownership of the Man of Steel reverts to the Siegels in 2013, the studio will be forced to go into production on any further Superman or Justice League movies before 2011.