We’ve heard that Taylor Lautner would like to do an action movie. Now, we might cast him in one. Check out the move he busts at the 0:24 mark in the video below, shot while Lautner and his Twilight Saga: New Moon costar Kristen Stewart were posing for the cover of EW’s Fall Movie Preview on stands Friday. Two words: Gymkata remake!

While his biceps remain curiously clothed throughout the video, the clip does hold other charms: Slo-mo shots of Lautner pouncing like a cuddly ninja kitty through a field, his reaction when Stewart tells him “You need to grow into your cojones,” and Stewart noting that someone offscreen is going to die.

Who’s more worthy of an inappropriate crush: Shirtless Jacob in the New Moon trailer or leather jacket-wearing Lautner in this video? Poll after the jump! If you need more convincing to vote the latter, look for our gallery of exclusive photos from the shoot tomorrow.

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