There’s not a whole lot in Megan Fox’s filmography that would lead us to believe she is what we entertainment writers like to call “a good actor.” A harsh assessment? Perhaps, but one that is at least partly shared by a certain Megan Fox, who famously told my colleague Chris Nashawaty earlier this year that she was “terrible” in the first Transformers movie and that working with producer Michael Bay, “is not about an acting experience.”

On the other hand, Fox is mighty convincing in a fake PSA about high school bullying which has just been released to promote her now horror film Jennifer’s Body. “Let’s face it, high school can be tough, and kids can be cruel, picking on others for just being different” she intones in that “I-may-be-incredibly-hot-and-in-fact-am-looking-really-really-smoking-rightnow-but-hey-I-still-care-about-serious-things-too” manner that I believe Angelina Jolie invented in 2002. Even though I knew the ad was in some way related to Jennifer’s Body, I still believed Fox was about to embark on some straight-faced lecture about teen trauma. Instead…

Well, why don’t you just check out the (ultimately foul-mouthed) clip for yourself.