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I was already a huge John Hughes fan from his writing in National Lampoon. He had this incredible gift for dialing into sort of the adolescent male mindset. He just so totally got it. It was frightening. And then I met him and realized, Ah-ha! He’s one of us! There’s a reason he gets it.

John was a total music geek. In fact, he at one point told me that the whole movie career was just an excuse to get a record label. During Pretty in Pink, when he told me OMD was going to be doing the theme for it, I was just beside myself, because I was already a huge OMD fan, and they actually came to the set at one point while we were shooting the prom scene. I remember John gave me one of the first albums off his record label, which was Flesh for Lulu. It’s just an underappreciated gem of a record. There’s a bunch of great, great pop songs on that album.

This is an incredibly stupid business in so many respects. If you can enjoy that, and be entertained by it, you can stick around and have a great time. The thing about John Hughes was, he set out to make iconic movies, and unlike most people, he actually succeeded over and over and over. Once you succeed on that level, and you clearly know what you’re doing, there’s a point at which you just get frustrated at how much you have to deal with people who don’t. And I think he just ran out of patience.

The saddest part for me is that I have no doubt in my mind that I owe my career to the guy. That I never thanked him properly is a regret I’ll carry with me.

PHOTO CREDIT: Everett Collection

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