How many times a week do you wake up and think, “Wouldn’t it to be nice to hear a new Led Zeppelin track?” For me the number is eight (I like to have a restorative disco nap in my office on Friday afternoons.) Of course, I’m always disappointed in this department. But not today. Okay, technically, no fresh Zep track has been unearthed. But new supergroup Them Crooked Vultures have posted a rockingly Zeppelin-esque instrumental snippet from a track called “Nobody Loves Me And Neither Do I” on youtube. And as the band comprises Dave Grohl, Josh Home and Led Zep bassist John Paul Jones then I’m counting it as a win.

Do you agree that the song is nicely Zep-ish? And are you looking forward to the Them Crooked Vultures album, which is rumored to be coming out October 23?