Facebook is on a diet. Well, almost. “Facebook Lite” went into an accidentally-too-public beta last night, and the internets damn near blew up. It’s to compete with Twitter! It’s because they bought FriendFeed! It’s for the tiny robot that lives in your teeth because he doesn’t even use the rest of the features anyway! Wait…other people have the tiny robot nightmare, right?

Anyway, none of the above, apparently: According to Tech Crunch, “[FB Lite] was designed to be used in parts of the world where broadband speeds vary and can be expensive, we’re being told by Facebook. Given that the initial testing of it has taken place in India over the past several days, this makes sense.”

Ugh, what a let down. I really am hoping for a stripped-down Facebook to enter the market. Just yesterday I put out the Internet wish that FB would head in a more simple, clean direction, so even if this isn’t exactly what I’d hope for, I’m counting it as a win. Right now, my home FB page has a lot going on beyond the focus of the News Feed: The photos, the ads, the “suggestions,” the requests, it’s starting to feel like noise to me. I know other people use Facebook as their web home base, but I don’t; a lot less to do on that first page would be good news for me.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is Facebook kinda cluttered? Or do want more, more, more, which you totally ask for in a “Rebel Yell” voice? (And you’re a fan of EW on Facebook, right?)