By Annie Barrett
Updated August 12, 2009 at 07:22 PM EDT

Was anyone else dying for “The Final Countdown” to start playing during last night’s season finale of Better Off Ted? In a weird, inconsistent-with-her-character twist, Veronica (Portia de Rossi)’s secret life as a magician’s assistant was trotted out thanks to, appropriately, a Veridian Dynamics initiative called “Magic Box technology.” A dazzling magic show ensued, and all I could think of was Arrested Development — specifically Lucille Bluth’s pearl-clutching wail: “Ew, don’t look now, but G.O.B.’s about to start his magic show!” (But, you know, directed at de Rossi’s AD character, Lindsay, instead.) I thought maybe the BOT writers would throw in a Alliance of Magicians joke at some point, but at least there was a dove. And as a general rule, I do need to just accept that not every show is Arrested Development.

Nice of ABC to finally air Better Off Ted‘s penultimate episode, “Jabberwocky,” in addition to the finale, “Secrets and Lives.” (Two weeks ago, “Jabberwocky” was preempted by a rerun of The Bachelorette finale that zero people needed to see.) Ted has been renewed, so at least we’ve got more ridiculata to anticipate in the fall. For me, honestly, this show is all about Veronica. From random outbursts like “This must be how a bee sees me…” during the Magic Box presentation, to adventures in wordplay — “Yes, Ted. I shouldn’t hit people on the staff. I’ve been hearing that since grade school.” — the combination of this absurd character and Portia de Rossi playing her has been consistently divine.

What did you think of Better Off Ted‘s last two season 1 episodes?