By Michael Ausiello
Updated August 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

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Question: Ask Ausiello’s back! Let’s mark the occasion with some awesome House spoiler! —Mandi

Ausiello: A member of the team gets fired in the first three episodes!

Question: Is it true that House moves in with Wilson after he returns from the asylum? —Joel

Ausiello: It’s true. That’s one of two major life changes the ornery doc makes early in the season. What’s the other one, you ask? Cooking lessons!

Question: You better deliver a blockbuster Ask Ausiello this week to make up for the column’s two-week hiatus. No pressure though! —Jay

Ausiello: Sounds like someone’s still bitter about not getting into last month’s Ausholefest.

Question: Do you have any other hints about what main character is going to get shot on either Nurse Jackie, Rescue Me, True Blood, Weeds, The Closer, Mad Men, Entourage, or Burn Notice? Seriously, there are too many possible characters! —Maddie

Ausiello: Burn Notice‘s season just concluded (in spectacular fashion) and, as far as I could tell, not a single major character got shot in the chest by a relative. So that narrows the list to just seven. And I already ruled out Mad Men, so that brings it to six. Bonus clue: The victim is male!

Question: Are you one of the lucky journalists who got to see the Mad Men season premiere ahead of time? —Joan

Ausiello: I am indeed. I’ve been threatened with death and dismemberment if I reveal any of the episode’s big twists so that leaves me with no other choice than to tease the episode’s biggest twist: Someone **** ****** **** *** ***** *o**! (The opener is stellar, BTW. No surprise there.)

Question: How was your Aushole meet-and-greet at Comic-Con?

Ausiello: If I were to rank my top 100 most incredible moments of 2009 so far, the Aushole gathering would so almost make the cut. It was that incredible. Even better: The event garnered some national press coverage!

Question: How about a hot and juicy True Blood scoop on Sookie and Eric. —Dana

Ausiello: Sookie will be planting her luscious lips all over Eric’s hard body in Sunday’s episode. Hot any juicy enough for you?

Question: Who will Robert Buckley’s character be paired with romantically on One Tree Hill? —Jennifer

Ausiello: A better question is who won’t he be paired with romantically. With only a handful of episodes under his belt, Buckley tells me that his sports agent alter ego has already “been kissed by pretty much every female character on the show. He’s a little bit of a playboy.”

Question: When is Gibbs going to start building a new boat on NCIS? And where’d the last one go? —Christopher

Ausiello: Sounds like a question for exec producer Shane Brennan. “In the first three or four episodes, Gibbs has his tape measure out and he’s measuring the basement,” he teases. “And everyone will have to wait and see what goes in there. I will tell you this: You haven’t seen the last of the boat.”

Question: Any news on who will replace Louise Lombard as the female lead of NCIS: Los Angeles? —NM

Ausiello: It’s an up-an-coming actress by the name of No One. “At this point, I don’t think we’re going to be adding anyone else to the cast,” says Brennan. “We have enough strength in the cast.” Although Lombard’s Lara Macy won’t be sticking around full-time, Brennan doesn’t rule out an occasional guest appearance down the line. “She didn’t die,” he says. “We’ll find out that she went to an overseas post. When Callen (Chris O’Donnell) was shot last season, they had to move to the new operation center and [Lara] was relocated. Will she come back? Never say never.”

Question: Do you have any spoilers for Supernatural? —Manny

Ausiello: Ever wonder what Sam would be like if he was totally evil? You’ll find out in episode 4.

Question: Two Dexter Qs for ya: Will the return of Lundy affect Deb’s new blossoming relationship? It’d be nice to see her in an actual stable relationship for once. And will Deb’s investigation of her father be addressed right away? —Dana

Ausiello: Are you kidding? Deb in a stable relationship? Dream on. And a few obstacles stand in Deb’s way that put her little pet project on the back burner. But her father’s infidelity/crooked past is something she won’t be forgetting about anytime soon.

Question: Do you have any Desperate Housewives scoop? Pretty please. – Ashley

Ausiello: This season’s mystery will kick off in the premiere when a pivotal female character gets strangled. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: Any plans for Sarah Chalke to return to How I Met Your Mother? —Matt

Ausiello: Yes, but probably not until May 2010. That’s when The Wedding Bride, the movie Stella’s fiancé was writing, hits theaters. “If we can pull it off,” says exec producer Carter Bays, “it’s going to be a cool little treat for the second half of the season.”

Question: Will Barney and Robin make it as a couple on How I Met Your Mother? —Mike

Ausiello: Who knows? Come to think of it, Carter Bays probably does. Let’s ask him! “It’s been fun discovering what they’re like in a couple,” he tells me. “We’ve seen Robin in a relationship with Ted; we know she can do it. But for Barney, this is undiscovered country. As an adult, he’s never had a relationship. He had a girlfriend in college who totally broke his heart and sent him on this journey towards becoming Barney, and he’s been [the same] since. So it’s been very interesting seeing him take his attitude and the world view that he’s developed as a single guy and apply it to being in a relationship.” Bays adds that their relationship will “have repercussions for everyone,” particularly Ted. “We’re exploring how Ted deals with the fact that his ex-girlfriend and best friend are now dating. And we’ll see how Marshall and Lily deal with the fact that there’s another couple in the group. It’s giving us a lot of juice for the first half of the season.”

Question: Any plans for Aaron Paul to return to Big Love? —Ed

Ausiello: Yes, the Emmy nominee tells me his Breaking Bad bosses have given him the green light to moonlight on season 4 of Big Love. The big question: What’ll happen now that Scott and Sarah are engaged? “The only thing they’ve told me,” he says, “is that something big will happen to my character this season.”

Question: In your Ask Ausiello absence you promised to keep us busy with lots of prattle from the press tour. Well, you lacked a little on the 24 front. How about making up for that now? —Jordan

Ausiello: Katee Sackhoff won’t be stuck sitting behind a computer for long. I’m told her brainy bombshell will be sprung from CTU’s fancy new headquarters by episode 5. In other 24 news, there’s a big Audrey Raines scoop in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale Friday).

Question: Isn’t it a little soon for Big Bang Theory to be coupling Leonard and Penny up? What’s the hurry? —Don

Ausiello: I’m inclined to agree with exec producer Bill Prady that “there’s been two years of foreplay and the feeling was that it’s time. We know how Penny feels and we know how Leonard feels. And when he comes back from the North Pole [in the season premiere], she’s figured everything out and thinks they should just got for it. But a Sheldon crisis keeps Leonard from being able to move forward.” What happens when the crisis passes? Lousy sex!

Question: I watched all your Bones Comic-Con vids and I didn’t hear one question asked about Angela and Hodgins. Sad day. Got any scoop on where they are headed next season? —Shanna

Ausiello: Good news: When it comes to Ang and Hodg scoop, my Press Tour vids succeeded where the Comic-Con ones failed. Check ’em out. And here’s a bonus Angela scoop for your trouble: Exec producer Hart Hanson tells me that early in the season Angela will break her vow of celibacy with a man. “It’s someone we’ve seen before,” he teases. “I just told Michaela who it was and she shrieked.” It’s probably no coincidence that in the same episode, Angela and Brennan’s friendship is tested like never before. “Angela and Brennan have a big fight,” Hanson reveals. “Their friendship is deeply challenged. It’ll be the first time that Brennan realizes that being totally rational about something isn’t necessarily being a good friend. And every time she has done that in the past, Angela has come around and excused Brennan’s behavior. This time, if they’re friendship is to be maintained, Brennan has to take a step toward the irrational.”

Question: After loving nearly every minute of Glee, I was reminded of the fact that you said it “didn’t exactly wow” you. Have you seen anything beyond the pilot? And, if so, are you feeling better about the show? —Lauren

Ausiello: I have not seen anything beyond the pilot. I’m hoping to get episodes 2 and 4 this week, so I should have an answer for you by next week. I hear they’re really good so I’m optimistic. Glee‘s Lea Michelle certainly was enthusiastic about what’s in store this season when we pressed her for scoop at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards. “We have a great love triangle developing between Finn, Quinn and Rachel which takes tons of twists and turns,” she said. “We’ve also got Beyonce plus a football team in one episode. That is all I can say about that, but it will be amazing I promise. And my new favorite performance as a group so far this season is when we did an Avril Lavigne song called ‘Keep Holding On.’ It sounded so good.”

Question: Any Warehouse 13 spoilers? —Jesse

Ausiello: “Nipple clamps,” teases leading man Eddie McClintock. He’s not kidding. See for yourself!

Question: Anything to report on the new season for Criminal Minds? —Judy

Ausiello: The show turns 100 episodes old this fall, and that can only mean one thing: Major stuff’s gonna happen! “It’s our ninth episode of the season,” says exec producer Ed Bernero. “And a story that started in the last episode of season 4 is going to culminate in this episode. That’s all I can say without giving too much away.” C’mon, there must be something else you can share. “You’ll see somebody caught that we really want caught.” That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Question: Anything for Heroes lovers? —Charles

Ausiello: Last week Greg Grunberg tweeted the following: “I just read the craziest s–t in a new script of Heroes EVER! What?! No we di’n’t! WOW!” The very next day, I saw him at press tour and pressed him deets. “It involves a cockroach,” he elaborated. “And it was incredible.”

Question: The Smallville trailer that was screened at Comic-Con appears to show Lois and Clark having sex. Are appearances deceiving? —Antonio

Ausiello: Sort of. “It’s more than just sex,” counters exec producer Brian Peterson. “They’re making love. Clark would never [just have sex].” Hope that clears up any confusion!

Question: A lot of rumors going around about Michael Rosenabum returning to Smallville this season. What’s the real deal? —Ethan

Ausiello: The real deal is there’s no deal. Yet. “We would love to have him back,” says Peterson. “But there’s no movement on that.”

Question: I need some Office scoopage! Anything Ausiello, please! –Danny

Ausiello: Anything? Even if it’s just a selection of shameless twitpics from my visit to Dunder Mifflin last week? ‘Cause that’s all I got. Actually, that’s not true. I also have this: The show is looking to cast an actress that looks like Daryl (Craig Robinson) from behind. And this: Michael’s going to cultivate some mob ties this season. Or so everyone will think.

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