Fool me once (The Cell), shame on you, Jennifer Lopez. Fool me twice (The Wedding Planner…sorry but when the lead character agreed to that arranged marriage to Justin Chambers, my inner feminist tried to knock himself unconscious with a blunt object), shame on me. Fool me three times (Enough…which should’ve been Rated J, for Jank!), and you can understand why back in 2002, I made a promise to myself that I would never again waste my hard-earned money seeing a J.Lo movie in the theater. (No, that free press screening of Monster-in-Law does not violate my vow.) Last night, however, a publicist sent me some new photos of Moonlight‘s Alex O’Loughlin, shirtless and driving a tractor*, in a scene from Lopez’s 2010 rom-com vehicle The Back-Up Plan. Suddenly, the reasons for my seven-year boycott are fleeing my brain like the seeds of a late-fall dandelion in a stiff wind.** What do you say, PopWatchers? Should O’Loughlin’s commitment to ab excellence cancel out my long-standing Lopez Avoidance Plan? Or is buying a ticket to The Back-Up Plan going to be the equivalent of shaking my open wallet out the window of a moving taxi?

** Current front-runner for Slezak’s “Worst Simile of 2009” competition.

***No, this isn’t Shirtless Hunks Day on, although our Sexy Geeks gallery may have you thinking otherwise.

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Photo credit: Peter Iovino