Back in March, Warner Bros announced the creation of Warner Archives, a mail-order service that offered some of the more obscure titles from the studio’s vaults on DVD for armchair cinephiles. Each month, the studio promised to dust off more films and add them to the list. We’ll be honest, the first batch was loaded with a lot of mothball-scented curios that were never released on DVD for a reason. They were lesser films from big stars like Cary Grant, Clark Gable, and Greta Garbo. Sure, the Robert Osborne crowd would eat them up, but what about the rest of us with — how should we put this — less discerning tastes? Well, this month’s arsenal of Warner Archives titles is for you!

Here are some of the highlights.

*Razorback: Highlander‘s Russell Mulcahy helms this 1984 killer pig movie is a wonderfully gory slice of Ozploitation. This is Grade A terror-in-the-outback thanks to Mad Max 2 cinematographer extraordinaire Dean Semler. Highly recommended for fans of Alligator and Tremors!

*She: Hammer Horror legends Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee team up with the gorgeous former Bond Girl Ursula Andress in this melodramatic 1965 schlock gem about an ancient goddess named Ayesha, a.k.a., “She who must be obeyed!”

*From Hell It Came: I don’t know why they didn’t go with the title It Came From Hell, which rolls off the tongue a little easier, but what are you gonna do? No stars to speak of here, just a South Seas beast called Tabonga, which is “part tree…part man…all doom!” Watch out for the radioactive green sap! If you’re going to only see one killer tree movie this year, make it 1957’s From Hell It Came.

*Carny: If you never thought Jodie Foster would share the same screen with Gary Busey, think again! The two unlikely costars appear with The Band’s Robbie Robertson in this 1980 flick about a trio of traveling carnival folk.

*…All the Marbles: Columbo himself, Peter Falk, stars as the manager of a ha-cha-cha female wrestling squad called The California Dolls. Ahh, the early ’80s! Was there any pitch they didn’t greenlight?

*Urgh! A Music War: We’ve saved the best for last. I paid top dollar for a bootleg of this years ago and it was worth every penny. A 1981 concert film featuring a slew of New Wave and punk bands like X, the Go-Gos, Oingo Boingo, and The Cramps. Still, my favorite will always be this ridiculously infectious number from Devo…

What do you think? Are you going to be ordering any of these? What unreleased films do you want to see on DVD?