Simon Cowell is negotiating a deal for at least three more seasons of American Idol, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Executives from CKX, the parent company of Idol co-producer 19 Entertainment, said on an earnings conference call that Cowell is finalizing a deal with Fox to continue on the show. He entered into negotiations with Fox earlier this summer, as he heads into the final year of his current contract. Fox tells EW it has no comment on the report.

“We’ve heard from Fox, who has asked us for approval for Simon Cowell to appear for three more years on Idol,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted CZK CEO Robert Sillerman as saying. “They, in their negotiations with Cowell, have asked us to pre-approve him not only for American Idol ’09, which has begun taping, but they have also asked us for approval for ’10 and ’11, indicating to us that they’re finishing their negotiation with Cowell. We did grant approval for that, quite obviously.”