I’ll never understand why Hollywood studios don’t actually release their horror movies on Halloween when folks are actually, you know, in the mood to see people get impaled and stuff. They always seem to jump the gun and release them in September. Or nowadays, as early as August. Just take a gander at your movie release calendar and you’ll see that this year, on Aug. 28, there’s a murderous, maniacal marquee smackdown between Rob Zombie’s Halloween II and Final Destination 3-D. Now, before we take a look at the trailers of these bad boys (embedded below) and ask you to vote on which one you’re more excited to see, let’s quickly settle some confusion about the titles. First, Zombie’s Halloween II is in no way related to 1981’s Halloween II or 1998’s Halloween: H20. It’s its own thing (even though, strangely the latest teaser talks about Michael Myers’ “final destiny”). As for Final Destination 3-D, yes, it is in 3-D. But no, it is not the third chapter in the grim-reaper saga. No, that would be 2006’s Final Destination 3 (a.k.a. the one with the roller coaster). This is actually the fourth installment. Got it? Good. Then let the slicing and dicing begin…

Okay, now let’s hear from you. Which are more excited to see?