Antonio Sabato Jr. — former Calvin Klein underwear model, Janet Jackson video star, General Hospital heartthrob, and Celebrity Circus winner — is looking for love. Obviously, he turned to VH1, which set him up with the essentials — ladies, cameras, hot tub, helicopter — in Hawaii. The result, My Antonio, debuts Sunday at 10 p.m. ET. This afternoon, Sabato will stop by PopWatch HQ for a chat. So, watch the sneak peek below of the first full episode (it’s not like you’re working), and submit your burning questions. They can be general — what is the worst thing those dimples have let him get away with, besides dismissing one woman moments after meeting her because he’s not attracted to her feet and making the others climb a mountain in short dresses to get to him? — or specific: Did he know that his ex-wife would come on the show to try to win him back? Is he fully naked when he serves as the nude model for the ladies’ art class? Exactly how frightened of his mother need we be?