Credit: Pierre Vinet

I will take any opportunity to see The Lord of the Rings in a full-blown theater, my love for those films is so great. Heck, I almost pilgrimaged to Austin to see it at the Alamo Drafthouse, where they’ll feed you whatever the Hobbits ate — while they’re eating on screen! (Hobbits eat rabbit stew, you eat rabbit stew. Hobbits eat lembas bread, you eat…Ritz crackers, probably. Hobbits gallivant on the bed, you sit uncomfortably in your seat.)

So imagine my geek-giddyness when I heard that Radio City Music Hall — probably the most famous theater in the world — will be screening The Fellowship of the Ring on Oct. 9 and 10. What’s more, there will be a 300-piece orchestra playing all the music live. Live! Now, while I might not be as much of a score wonk as others, Howard Shore’s Oscar-winning music is positively majestic. Plus, I’m hoping there will be some renaissance fair-meets-Rocky Horror-style shenanigans afoot.

It’s early enough to book passage: Would you be up for going to see Fellowship rock Radio City? Or is this much high-toned geekery too much?

Lord of the Rings

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