Social media twin powers, activate! Facebook bought FriendFeed yesterday in a move that delighted technophiles and probably meant next to nothing to everyone else. What does it mean for Facebook, you ask? Search. And better, more integrated sharing of ideas. And some serious developer talent: FriendFeed’s cofounder Paul Buchheit helped create Gmail.

FriendFeed, though terrific, hadn’t had its big break — even though it seamlessly wove all your social media behavior into one elegant feed, it stayed below most people’s radar. What Facebook bought wasn’t a competitor, really, but another set of ideas about social networking, and that’s a good thing for everyone. Faceboook is overdue for some creative innovation, and the more nimble and developer-friendly FriendFeed might very well be the boat-rocker the big guys really need. In the last year or so, Facebook’s been on a more, more, more kind of kick, but that hasn’t made the site better or easier to use; I’m hoping some of the simplicity and intuitiveness of FF rubs off on the Zuckerberg crew.

I’m not sure this is that big a deal for Facebook. I mean, yeah, $50 million doesn’t go as far as it used to, but in the scheme of things, this seems like a small step for the behemoth (though a huge one for the FriendFeed little guys). What do you think, PopWatchers? What do you hope this changes for Facebook? What features would you like to see added to the social media universe?