By Adam B. Vary
August 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

For years now, Hollywood has played a deft bait-and-switch game of announcing that the new trailer for an upcoming Must See Movie would play in front of another film from the same studio that, quite frankly, could maybe do with a box-office boost. So Summit Entertainment’s announcement today that it will put the brand spankin’ new preview for The Twilight Saga: New Moon in front of Summit flick Bandslam when it opens this weekend should shock nobody, especially considering just how crowded this coming weekend will be at the box-office: You’ve got District 9 pulling in the sci-fi fans (and the just plain awesome movie fans), The Time Traveler’s Wife pulling in the romantic weepy movie fans and fans of the romantic weepy novel it’s based on, and Ponyo pulling in the family film fans and the Hayao Miyazaki animation fans, not to mention moviegoers who’ve yet to devour Julie & Julia or subject themselves to G.I. Joe. Sure, Bandslam‘s got HSM queen bee Vanessa Hudgens in its corner, but against this onslaught of cinema competition, the flick could do with a ticket sales booster shot courtesy Taylor Lautner’s abs.

But will it work? You tell me, PopWatchers: Are you enough of a die-hard Twihard that you’ll buy a ticket to Bandslam just to see the new New Moon trailer? Or are you content to just watch it online? I assume if you read this far, those two questions should cover you, but just in case: Or were you already planning on checking out Bandslam, and are now concerned that your theater will be overrun by screaming members of Team Jacob? (Just for kicks, I’ve embedded the New Moon teaser below.)

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