By Annie Barrett
August 10, 2009 at 11:40 PM EDT

John Hughes died Thursday afternoon, and by midday Friday, the producers of ‘Don’t You Forget About Me,’ a documentary about the director and his influence on Hollywood, had found a distributor in Alliance Films International. Matt Austin and Kari Hollend discuss what happened last week in this CNN video, and their trailer for the film appears below.

Matt and Kari actually interviewed me for the project, back in November 2006. I don’t expect to be in the final cut, as this was my very first time on-camera (aw!) and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t stop rambling about how the girl in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off who lazily blew an enormous gum bubble in class was, like, a totally realistic depiction of high school. (Wait, never mind. This is a brilliant observation and should definitely appear in the film.) Anyway, I loved how they set up that particular shoot in the middle of a small NYC art gallery to give it a Bueller/Dream Academy vibe. Let’s hope that if the producers never did track down Hughes himself, they’ll get enough funding to include plenty of footage of the director from on-set interviews, etc.

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