Joan Rivers has had a lot of plastic surgery, is Jewish, and has slept around with a ton of people because she’s old. Plenty of her faux-haters reinforced these important themes at last night’s Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers. The two-hour telecast was fairly standard as far as these things go — tons of cursing, “scandalous” allusions to gay sex, and a near-constant need on my part to IMDB comedians with whom I’m not entirely familiar. For me, the most interesting part of any roast is watching the reaction shots of the speakers’ targets. Greg Giraldo’s segment last night provides the best reaction roundup. I love trying to pinpoint an initial twinge of “f— you!” before the target gets it together and executes a hearty hand clap (Brad Garrett), overdramatic full-body convulsion (Whitney Cummings), or halfhearted gesture related to the insult (Carl Reiner checking his wristwatch). I say “I love it,” but I think it’s that I find the reactions — even when they’re convincing! — so uncomfortable and artificial that they become a little bit fascinating. Press play below — there’s a David Carradine joke in it for you if you make it ’til the end. Who else watched last night?