Jeremy Piven continues to make himself seem as irredeemably obnoxious as possible. The latest: A fight with Chris Kattan backstage at It’s On with Alexa Chung.This is certainly the biggest thing to happen on that show. Nothing screams “youth and fashion” like Piven and Kattan. Carry on.

According to the NY Daily News, Kattan “greeted Piven with a snarky, ‘So, what are you here to promote, your Broadway play?’…The actor sniped back irritably, ‘Well, what are you here to promote? Mango?'” Then things escalated! They ripped each other a little more, and it sounds like Piven then took it too far; Kattan tried to backpedal and apologize, but The Piv literally slammed a door in his face. Twice, according to the story. Piven’s publicist says the two were joking around, but Kattan’s rep says “Chris tried to apologize.” Uh…fight? For the record, Piven was there to promote The Goods, and Kattan was there to promote Bollywood Hero. So easy does it on the high horses, fellas.

Anyhow, Jeremy Piven: Why are you being such a jerk? Dropping out of Speed-the-Plow because of mercury poisoning is one thing. I’ll even grant that premise, which I shouldn’t because no one else on the face of God’s green goodness believes it for a second, but I saw his performance, and there was deeeefinitely something wrong with it; I shall leave it to doctors to diagnose the medical causes for low-level suckage. But ragging on Chris Kattan, who many of us have something of a soft spot for, and more importantly, not being able to take a freaking joke? It’s unbecoming. The self-absorbed brattiness was surprising and mischievous in 1995. Now it’s immature and off-putting. (Maybe it always was, but at least it seemed new 15 years ago.)

Here’s my problem: I think the terms “douche” and “douchebag” are really played out, and I’m tired of using them. But there are times when no other word really works as well. Is there another term that applies, PopWatchers? Or can we coin a new one: “Being a piven” perhaps? How would we define it?