It is no secret that anyone who has become sick of vampire TV shows and movies should nail themselves inside a coffin for the foreseeable future. This September the CW’s Vampire Diaries will join True Blood on the small screen while forthcoming undead-featuring films include The Vampire’s Assistant (the new trailer for which you can see below), a remake of the fantastic Swedish movie Let The Right One In, and, of course, numerous Twilight sequels (which I suspect they will continue to make until the cast are fleeing the sunrise with the assistance of walkers.) Now the horror movie website shocktillyoudrop is reporting there is to be a fourth Underworld movie, which will be shot in 3D and has a tentative release date of January 2011.

Despite being a big horror fan I’ve never quite understood the appeal of the Underworld movies, which seem to be more about aristocratic politicking than juicy neck-munching. And I couldn’t see that there was really anything good at all about this year’s third entry in the series beyond the fact that it presumably meant a nice pay day for the always excellent Michael Sheen.

On the other hand, these movies do themselves make a ton of money, so someone must like them. Are you an Underworld fan? What is the appeal? And what would you like to see happen in Part 4, through your 3D spectacles?