By Karen Valby
Updated August 08, 2009 at 05:15 PM EDT

Quentin Tarantino showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night looking like an extra from Swingers, wearing dark cuffed jeans and a black and white bowling shirt with a martini logo. He’d come from Madame Tussaud’s where he posed for the cameras with his new wax double, whose coarse hair blew disconcertingly in the breeze along with the real Tarantino’s.

The Inglorious Basterds director was in fine spirits, and dished happily about the process of snagging Brad Pitt to star in his new WWII revisionist history flick. Picture this: Tarantino flew to France to spend the night at the Jolie Pitt vineyard. Six bottles of wine later the men bust out the soda can bong. (Earmuffs, Zahara! See the clip below.) This portrait of debauchery contradicts Brad Pitt’s recent chortlings to the media that with six curtain climbers running around underfoot he likes to call it a day by 6:30. It was fun hearing Tarantino describe Brad Pitt waking up bleary-eyed in the morning and chugging from the empty bottles of booze, but the best bit of the interview came earlier, when the director described the “Hollywood Days” his step-dad used to plan for him.

Step-parents never get any love in pop culture. I remember when Juno first came out Diablo Cody told me in an interview how important it was to her to include a step-parent character who actually had her kid’s back. Try to think of another movie or TV show where you’ve seen that happen….It’s hard! Anyways, so there was Tarantino describing how when he was a little kid his step-dad took him to the Cinerama Dome to see Sometimes a Great Notion with Henry Fonda. Then they went to the Hollywood Wax Museum—where Tarantino himself is now immortalized, hooray!—and then rounded out the day with a showing of Diamonds are Forever at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. It was Tarantino’s first time ever seeing a Bond movie on the big screen and that heady feeling of discovery was still fresh under his skin. (I remember sitting in the back-seat at a drive-in theater on summer vacation in Myrtle Beach. My parents sat together up front and didn’t fight. It was double feature night: Poltergeist and War Games. I had my first chili dog. Top 5 night of my life.)

Tarantino talked about how he thought his step-dad was the absolute coolest because he always knew every actor’s complete credits and would spout off encyclopedic film minutiae for days. “So I decided when I become an adult I will become a movie expert,” he said. “That’s how I became an adult.” As a new parent, that makes me want to cry. (Granted most things do these days. If I see that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial one more time…!)

What about you PopWatchers? What is your best memory of a pop culture moment you shared with your parents as a kid? Is Inglorious Basterds going to be as good as your sneaky Facebook friends who saw advance screenings promise? Should Tarantino uncuff his jeans? Should hair on wax figures move in the wind?