I think I just may have seen one of the best shows of 2010: Lawman, a new FX series starring Timothy Olyphant.

I know that may seem a foolish claim to make based on a four-minute clip shown today at the Television Critics Association gathering in Los Angeles, but… man, this looked good, and consider the folks involved. Deadwood and Damages‘ Timothy Olyphant stars as a modern-day U.S. Marshal. The show is based on a character created by Elmore Leonard in a short story, “Fire in the Hole.” The pilot was directed by Michael Dinner, who worked on the underrated Leonard-based series Karen Sisco. It’s produced by Graham Yost, who oversaw Boomtown and was a producer on Band Of Brothers.

And the first villain for Olyphant’s lawman to track down? The Shield‘s Walton Goggins.

I’m telling you, from Olyphant’s easy drawl to the laconic, very Elmore Leonardesque dialogue, this looked like a humdinger. Look for it in March on FX.

Any Tim Olyphant and/or Elmore Leonard fans out there?