The former ''Idol'' judge's most bizarre onscreen gaffes


During the season 5 semifinals, Paula’s advice to Kevin Covais and Jose ”Sway” Penala took a turn for the absurd, ending with this memorable bit of free verse (which she credited to Simon Cowell): ”The moth who finds the melon finds the cornflake always finds the melon — and one of you didn’t get the right fortune cookie.”

In 2007, Paula starred in, executive-produced, and wept her way through the low-rated Bravo celebreality series Hey Paula. One particularly memorable/nightmarish breakdown centered around her behind-the-scenes role on the big-screen production of Bratz.

At the midway point of season 7’s Neil Diamond night, Abdul gave a negative critique of two of Jason Castro’s numbers — even though at that point in the telecast he’d only performed once. (Whoops!) The ”Straight Up” singer tried to cover her gaffe by saying she’d read her notes for David Cook, but then went on to call the latter singer ”fantastic.”

Paula’s much-hyped 2009 performance of ”I’m Just Here for the Music” during the season 8 finals was about as organic as a marshmallow Peep. Ultimately, her comeback single registered a mere 64,000 in digital sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan.