How nice that Big Brother just keeps getting loonier, sillier, and more no-loyalty cut-throat. All that, plus the spectacle of Lydia on the chopping-block wearing a black mascara-mask of Zorro topped off by Kate Gosselin’s swirly-twist hairdo. (Note: from this point on, SPOILER ALERT.)

I figured Jeff, who’s established himself as a nice guy, would get America’s vote for the “coup d’etat” power, but I couldn’t have predicted he’d pronounce his new prize as a “coop-de-TAH.” Ah, the exposure of illiteracy is one of BB‘s ongoing fascinations.

It was deeply satisfying to see the 4-3 vote to evict Ronnie, and may I congratulate Jordan for hammering in that final nail-in-coffin. The young woman may play (or, who knows with this show, be) a goofball, but whether by chance, fear, loyalty, or dumb luck, she’s been making all the right moves. (Though I’m not sure cuddling with Mr. Coop De Tah is going to work in her favor in the long run. Women who hook up with guys in BB, sexist historical theory or not, tend not to win this hot-house competition at the end.)

I wasn’t even rooting for Ronnie to remain in the game because he was a “good villain.” For all his (and the show’s) hype of Ronnie as a great student of BB strategy, he turned out to be lame-o as a manipulator, a mingy doofus without any gift for gab or original insult.

I’ll keep it short. Two other things:

Hey, Julie Chen, thanks for the shout-out for your fine blog. It’s among the best host-blogs we’ve ever had.

And make sure to read Kate Ward on our BB-best TV Watch.