WHO: Wanda Sykes, exec producers Eddie Feldmann and John Ridley.

PREMISE: Saturday late-night talk show starring one of my favorite comedians.

3:10 pm: Sykes offers a preview of Wanda: “I will be on the show.” All joking aside, she says “it’ll be a wrap-up of the week from my point of view” via skits, panels, etc.

3:12 pm: Musical guests will not be a regular part of the show. “But if Dick Cheney puts out a hip-hop album, we’re booking him,” Sykes deadpans.

3:14 pm: Why have there been so few minorities in late-night? Cracks Sykes: “Um, white people.”

3:16 pm: Sykes will turn up on the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And she remains a series regular on The New Adventures of Old Christine.

3:18 pm: Has Sykes ever been invited to be a guest on Fox News? “I did get invited, but it was something about washing windows. I think. Don’t quote me on that.”

3:19 pm: The room has run out of questions and there’s still 25 minutes left!

3:24 pm: [Crickets]

3:25 pm: On being a female comic: “I put the funny first. I just happen to have boobs.”

3:27 pm: Further proof this session was over 15 minutes ago: A reporter just asked Sykes to discuss her “comic footprint.”

3:28 pm: Breaking news: Sykes, a registered Democrat, reveals that she has previously voted Republican!

3:33 pm: A reporter just asked Sykes how we can get tickets to her show. Jesus, someone — anyone — put this session out of its misery!

3:35 pm: OMG, Jesus heard me!

Coming up next: The session for Lie to Me.