By Michael Ausiello
Updated August 06, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

WHO: Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Monica Raymund, Brendan Hines, Mekhi Phifer, and exec producers Shawn Ryan, David Nevins, and Samuel Baum.

5:01 pm/PST: New e.p. Ryan is looking to push the show in “a little bit more of a character direction and add a little more adrenaline.”

5:07 pm: Elaborating on the amped-up adrenaline, Ryan says it’s less in a “Shield, 24 sense” and more about putting the characters in “emotionally, physically harrowing situations.” The pace of the show will pick up as well.

5:16 pm: Season 2 will find Lightman “being the liar and not just the lie detector,” teases Ryan. There will also be more father-daughter drama.

5:18 pm: Scoop! Prison Break exec producer Matt Olmstead is now writing for Lie to Me.

5:21 pm: On the addition of Phifer, e.p. Baum says they were looking for someone who wouldn’t get “blown off the screen” by Roth. “We needed someone who was a man, who had gravity, and could own a scene with [Tim].”

5:26 pm: This year’s Thanksgiving episode will be set on Black Friday and involve a deadly stampede at a discount store. “We’ll look at, ‘How [can] good people… end up trampling someone to death?'” says Baum. Additionally, there will be an episode where Eli (Hines) goes completely silent.

5:28 pm: Roth confesses that the grind of headlining an hour-long drama has been a “brutal” adjustment. “I’ve done heavy schedules on films, but the first 13 episodes of this were devastating. I put my foot down and got Sundays off. It was extraordinarily difficult for me, yet I loved it. I’m so incredibly happy to be at work… I love this gig. It’s a privilege.” Roth also hints at some creative frustration in season 1, saying he’s much happier with the scripts this season.