By Margaret Lyons
Updated August 05, 2009 at 08:49 PM EDT

The trailer for The Blind Side surfaced yesterday, and while some bemoaned how abhorrently schmaltzy it looks — and truly, it is the world’s schmaltziest trailer — I was more worried about Sandra Bullock’s accent. (I’m also worried people are going to think the book is lame, which it resoundingly is not. Read this excerpt, called “The Ballad of Big Mike.” I love you, Michael Lewis.)

“Big Mike” Oher was recently a first-round draft pick for the Ravens, so, happy endings all around.

Anyway, I thought that was my limit on intense Southern accents for the week, until another trailer materialized, and holy outrageous drawl, Batman, Jeff Bridges is out of control.

P.S., Justin Timberlake, your movie looks atrocious.

Both these accents make the baby Jesus cry, but only one can be dubbed The Worst Accent This Week. I think Bullock’s sounds like a choir of angles compared to Bridges. Agree? Disagree? Set me straight, PopWatchers.