By Tanner Stransky
August 05, 2009 at 05:00 PM EDT

Some people may not be very excited about the forthcoming Scream movie (or, more specifically, about the decision to include Courteney Cox and David Arquette), but a few of us here at EW actually are. Hi, that’s me! And hark! There’s news out about how, exactly, the reboot is going to take shape.

The most important thing to know about the Scream reboot is that it’s not just one new flick that creator Kevin Williamson is writing — actually, as we reported back in June, he’s got Bob Weinstein and Dimension to sign on for an entire new trilogy! Speaking at the TCA press tour in L.A., Williamson said initially he “wasn’t interested” in doing the reboot, but then he thought “a trilogy — now I’d be interested!” Actually, same goes for me. A trilogy does make the most sense — no need to drag on the story line that was wrung dry in the first three movies. And as long as the moviemakers don’t treat this as some ugly stepchild and banish it to a direct-to-DVD release before it’s even made, I think there is potential for Scream to return to pop culture prominence. Er, hopefully?

Williamson went on to say that it’s a totally new trilogy that’ll feature Gale Weathers (Cox) and Deputy Dewey (Arquette) — so there is some continuity — and that it’ll take place 10 years later. Which, really, makes about perfect sense, seeing as how the last flick, Scream 3, was released in 2000. The first of the new Scream flicks won’t be able to begin filming until next year at the absolute earliest, so it likely won’t be out until very late 2010 or 2011.

So, anyway, PopWatchers, are you excited about the impending return of Scream? Is a trilogy the right way to go for the reboot? Does bringing Scream back even have a chance of succeeding? If the new trilogy had cameos from original stars, who would you like to see back? Neve Campbell, maybe?

PHOTO CREDIT: Everett Collection