By Michael Ausiello
Updated August 05, 2009 at 11:52 PM EDT

WHO: Jaime Lee Kirchner, Michelle Trachtenberg, Taylor Schilling, James Tupper, and exec producers Lloyd Braun, Liz Heldens, and Gail Berman.

PREMISE: ER told from the POV of its nurses. Another show I can’t seem to bring myself to watch.

4:03 pm/PST: How much to ask Gail Bermanif audiences are still responding to Quintuplets? (That one’s for the hardcore Press Tour Diary veterans out there.)

4:19 pm: Mercy is “significantly different” that Nurse Jackie, Berman maintains. That’s not exactly a selling point.

4:22 pm: Taylor Schilling says she’s been “spending time in hospitals around New York,” but it’s not clear why. For research? Visiting a sick relative? I hope everything is okay.

4:24 pm: Michelle Trachtenberg also went to the hospital recently in New York, but not for research purposes. She was stung by a bee (OMFG!) and ended up being treated by a lovely (read: stalkerish) male nurse with a unicorn tattoo. Long story short: Nurses are awesome! Watch this show!

4:29 pm: Trachtenberg doesn’t keep in touch with the creepy male nurse who took such good care of her, but it’s not for lack of trying on her part. “I asked him for his number,” she recalls, “and he said, ‘Honey, I’m taken.'”

4:32 pm: Trachtenberg is still cracking up over a joke she made five minutes ago. It involved calling co-star James Tupper “traumatizingly handsome.” You had to be there. Actually, no you didn’t.

4:37 pm: What would Georgina Sparks think of Trachtenberg’s Mercy character, Chloe Payne (get it? Payne? She plays a nurse)? “She’d hate the shoes,” she says, adding, “I think Georgina is probably going to need these women in her lives when she is rushed to the emergency room.”

4:39 pm: Berman is laying out more reasons why Mercy is nothing like Nurse Jackie. Come on, the two shows must share something in common. I need some incentive to watch this thing.

4:48 pm: Tupper prefers playing Mercy’s Dr. Sands over the syllable-challenged Jack on Men in Trees. “I’m having more fun playing this character. All Jack did was grunt, [which made it] easy to learn lines at night.”

4:51 pm: Trachtenberg is still cracking up over a joke she made five minutes ago about giving her bosses Rolex watches. You had to be there. Actually, no you didn’t.

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