By Aly Semigran
Updated August 05, 2009 at 09:03 PM EDT

Still hiding those deliciously tawdry Harlequin romance novels? Time to put an end to it! I’ve recently stumbled the blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels and had to share it with you, Shelf Lifers. Those unabashedly cheesy paperbacks have been taken out of the sale bins and back into our lives, which is right where they belong. The riotous retro chic site promises “all of the romance, none of the bulls**t,” and they absolutely follow through with that claim.

The blog itself, if you’ve never stopped by before (FYI, it’s slightly NSFW) gives readers detailed, funny, honest (the really, really bad ones get F’s) reviews of books like The Magnate’s Make Believe Mistress, Insatiable Desire and Lord of Pleasure (the tag line for said book? “His only wish is to satisfy again and again…” Sold!) The reviews go as far back as 2005, so beware, it’s as easy to get sucked in to this site as it is the fabulously absurd books it’s based around. My only gripe? I wish some of the pictures of the covers of the books were a little bit bigger on the page. They’re equally, if not more, entertaining than the books themselves (why is it always so windy?)

What about you, Shelf Lifers? Have you ever indulged yourself in one of these sinfully so bad it’s good/bad reads? Are you now just as addicted to as we are? Or are you too busy waiting for Brock, the burly neighbor next door, to take you away?