WHO: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Colin Egglesfield, Michael Rady, Jessica Lucas, Katie Cassidy, Stephanie Jacobsen, Laura Leighton, Thomas Calabro, and exec producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer

PREMISE: “New faces, new drama, same pool.”

11:01 am/PST: “There was no downside to coming back and playing [Sydney] again,” says Laura Leighton, looking like she hasn’t aged a day in 10 years.

11:02 am: We’re only two minutes in and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’ faux cackle is already making my ears bleed.

11:07 am: The murder in the premiere will be solved within the first couple of episodes, but “there will still be a lot of mystery and suspense,” says Darren Swimmer. In related news (spoiler alert), Sydney will continue to appear via flashback and will still “play a strong part in everyone’s lives.”

11:09 am: “The door is always open for Heather Locklear,” says exec producer Todd Slavkin. “We have a great way for her to [join] the show.”

11:10 am: Katie Cassidy claims “the entire cast was in the dark” about who the killer was on Harper’s Island.

11:11 am: Shooters will not be making an appearance on Melrose 2.0. “I think Shooters is under new management,” Swimmer says with a laugh. “There are no plans to revisit it.”

11:13 am: “My character is definitely exploring her sexuality,” says Cassidy of the bi buzz surrounding her alter ego. Adds Slavkin: “She’s trysexual, which means she will try it.”

11:15 am: Melrose alum update: In addition to Josie Bissett and Daphne Zuniga, Slavkin says he “talked to Grant Show last night… Stuff is brewing.”

11:25 am: Would Aaron Spelling be pleased with this Melrose update? The producers are convinced he would be. The CW’s main press guy Paul McGuire then walks to the dais and cracks, “Stick around, we’re going to have a seance after lunch.”

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