Out with the old, in with the…other…thing? Nickelodeon has decided to scrap its long-standing “splat” logo in favor of a type-only network identity. The round letterforms are reminiscent of the new Syfy branding, and it wouldn’t look out of place near, say, a Web 2.0 logo, either. It’s also not the only entertainment rebranding to head in the round-and-cozy-lower-case direction: the Latin American version of Discovery Kids, the Science channel, and WGN have all done the same.

I liked the perkiness of the old typeface, and while this design is sleeker, I want to see it in motion. One of the things I remember about the splat was it landing on stuff, swooping in and spilling itself on the bottom corner of an interstitial, so I’m assuming the new logo will do the same in some capacity — I’m guessing the “I” is going to be turned into a person at some point, but who knows.

I just have a case of the Andy Rooneys, right, PopWatchers, where I’m unfairly assuming everything new is sucky and everything old rules? Or are you attached to ye olde splat logo, too?

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