By far the most engaging new TV-series creator at the Televisions Critics Association press tour thus far is Liz Tigelaar. Her CW show, Life Unexpected, won’t reach the air til midseason, but it’s bound to capture the hearts and minds of any of you that liked the CW’s Privileged and, before that, Gilmore Girls.

Tigelaar was one of the few producers at the press tour who seemed genuinely overjoyed at getting her creation onto the air — she radiated both intelligence and enthusiasm for her show. It’s about about a teenager, Lux (Britt Robertson), who was abandoned at birth and reconnects with her birth parents, played by Roswell‘s Shiri Appleby and Mad Men‘s Kristoffer Polaha, who are no longer a couple but agree to assume parenting responsibilities when Lux reenters their lives.

Tigelaar was disarmingly frank about how pleased she was to be at the CW, even if it means competing for attention on a schedule with hipper, glammier shows like the new Melrose Place and The Beautiful Life, and having to shoot her Oregon-set series in Vancouver. “If it wasn’t for this show, I’d be home in bed eating Doritos, so I’m glad to be shooting anywhere,” Tigelaar told reporters.

As a writer and producer, Tigelaar has worked on Brothers & Sisters, American Dreams, and the great Once & Again. Let’s hope her concept of Life Unexpected reaches the screen the way she envisions it (the pilot episode is completely charming), and that its life is unexpectedly long.