Rolling Stone is reporting that Woodstock promoter Michael Lang has abandoned his plans to hold a concert that would have marked the 40th anniversary of the peace-and-love festival. Lang had hoped to stage an event in September to coincide with Climate Week, but a lack of sponsors has caused him to cancel the show.

While it’s a shame that Lang’s plans have gone up in smoke there are no shortage of ways that you can mark the festival’s 40th anniversary. Ang Lee will release his new, Demetri Martin-starring, movie “>Taking Woodstock on August 28 and there are a plethora of commemorative music releases, including a six-CD Woodstock: 40 Years On box set that will be reviewed in the next issue of EW. Or you can just check out the footage of a fantastically-sideburned Joe Cocker totally losing control of his arms while performing “With A Little Help From My Friends” at the original event below.

So, Music Mixers, are you bummed that there will be no Woodstock 2009? Were any of you at the first Woodstock or its pair of sequels? And how have you been enjoying this year’s festival season?

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