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Sesame Street is planning a parody of Mad Men to include in its 40th season. (Maybe it will go something like this?) My two all-time favorite programs! I die. It occurs to me that I’d love to watch a Sesame Street supplement series that spoofs ALL the other shows. We already know from 30 Rock that Muppetizing a show totally works. I’ve chosen my Top 5, but tell us which series you’d like to see play out on da Street.

5.So You Think You Can Dance Sesame Street is pretty much a Muppet dance party ANYWAY; plus, most of the characters (Cookie Monster, Big Bird) share Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy’s penchant for asking rhetorical questions to which they supply the answers themselves.

4. In Treatment Couples Therapy: Bert and Ernie have plenty of issues to work out while The Count barely listens to them and tallies their shirt stripes instead. (He’d do the same thing with Big Bird’s feathers, which is actually better because no one should have to find out Snuffy is not real.)

3. Project Runway Grover could be Tim Gunn, because he’s always worried about something (so was Telly Monster, but he might be too fat), and I’m pretty sure Prairie Dawn was German the whole time so she could be Heidi. Nina Garcia will obviously be played by Oscar the Grouch, while Rodeo Rosie is campaigning, obnoxiously, for the role of Top American Designer Michael Kors.

2. Jon and Kate Plus 8 Bossy Miss Piggy and pushover Kermit bring a giant brood into the world. They all look like Kermit, except for one odd in vitro aberration that ended up looking exactly like Lew Zealand. The show turns out to be boring as hell. Yet everyone watches.

1. LostThe Air Vaporizer Monster (no smoking, kids) zaps Elmo out of existence, and Sherlock Hemlock — voiced by Robert Downey Jr. — arrives bearing the other half of Ernie’s chicken-salad sandwich and proceeds to investigate, because that’s just what he does.

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