By Margaret Lyons
Updated August 03, 2009 at 01:07 PM EDT

Rejoice, Futurama fans! News arrived on Friday that the voice cast of the beloved series will be returning after all. Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, and Tress MacNeil have all signed deals with 20th Century Fox TV to provide the voices for the crew of the Planet Express Ship. To celebrate, I’m going to listen to these quotes from Dr. Zoidberg:

When the call went out for new voice actors last month, most Futurama fans were a nasty combination of bummed out and irate; the show has had such a rocky history that some kind of disappointment almost seemed inevitable. It hasn’t always been easy being a Futurama fan, and this just looked like the latest bait-and-switch.

And we might not be totally out of the woods yet. According to Variety, “Twentieth and Comedy Central have been kicking around ways to make Futurama, originally produced for a broadcast network (Fox), make financial sense for a cable run. … Other costs that were slashed in the process led to a smaller writing staff and a shorter delivery schedule.” The deal between Comedy Central and Fox also gives Fox a “broadcast window” to air episodes before they head to cable, which…well, as someone who watched Futurama on Fox the first time, I don’t think is such a great idea unless you love shows that are on at different times every week.

Grumpiness aside, this is a good day in the land of Futurama fans. Are you with me, PopWatch nation? New episodes are a mere year away! And on the waah waah waah side, if you ran Futurama, where would you make your budget cuts?