With her self-help book Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever already a New York Times bestseller, it’s not shocking to hear Lisa Rinna has signed a deal with Simon Spotlight Entertainment, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, for another tome due out summer 2010. The real surprise is that the new book will be a roman-a-clef about Rinna’s life in Hollywood; think the adult version of Lauren Conrad’s current literary hit L.A. Candy. “I mean I have no problem being honest and open as we all know,” says Rinna, currently on vacation with her two daughters and husband, Harry Hamlin. “So imagine when I can set it in this kind of a book! Everybody better watch out [laughs]!” The former Melrose Place star says that she’s already begun envisioning the lead ingenue and, especially, the bitchy villain. “It’s going to be a few people put together,” she admits of the book’s main baddie. “I’ve had a lot of really interesting run-ins with women in my life and in my career. And you gotta remember that my husband’s been married a few times and there’s a couple of interesting women in the landscape so to speak. So I think this book could be mindblowing [laughs]!” Rinna even hopes the novel finds a home outside of the printed page, like The Starter Wife. Says Rinna, “I would love to create a character that could go on for many books or we could make a series out of it or a movie.” But, as always, the star’s primary goal is to give fans and readers a good time. “I wanna make this the kind of book that is so entertaining, that there are so many people that you’re trying to guess who they are,” she says. “And I just want it to be really, really juicy, entertaining, fun, scandalous, sexual—you name it!”

So will you read Rinna’s new book, Shelf Lifers? Are you excited for this juicy read?

Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos