By Margaret Lyons
Updated August 03, 2009 at 08:00 PM EDT

Somehow I didn’t notice the new trailer for season 3 of Californication until now, but thar she blows:

I’ve had ambivalent at best feelings about the show in the past: I’m a die-hard David Duchovny fan (his picture adorned the inside of my middle-school locker), but the show’s overwheling misogyny can be off-putting. This trailer gives me a kernel of hope, though, not because the show’s sexual politics are aligning with mine but because it’s finally admitting what it’s about: places Hank Moody wants to put his, um, Governor Schwarzenegger. Blah blah, he’s a genius, he’s a misanthrope, he’s just a guy whose depression gets the best of him, etc etc — nope! Sorry, Hank Moody’s just a slutty slutbag, and Californication is a drawn-out teenage fantasy, equal parts dizzying self-absorption and freely available bare breasts. Finally, a trailer that seems to fit what the show is!

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