By Michael Ausiello
August 03, 2009 at 11:21 PM EDT
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WHO: Patricia Arquette, Jake Weber, and exec producer Glenn Gordon Caron

PREDICTIONS: Lots of Qs about the move from NBC to CBS.

4:01 pm/PST: The family element will remain a “huge” part of the show, says Caron. “We’ve got a bounty of stories to tell [about the kids] growing up.”

4:03 pm: Caron thought that by ending last season with a cliff-hanger NBC would feel compelled to renew it. “We saw how well that worked out.”

4:09 pm: Caron just dissed Heroes! Asked what it’s like being paired with Ghost Whisperer on CBS, the exec says, “Given our history, it’s nice to follow a show that people really like.”

4:11 pm: Spoiler alert! When the new season starts, “Allison comes out of the coma and she’s on a different network,” Caron jokes. Now for some real scoop: He’s planning a Mischief Night episode that inserts Allison into scenes from the original Night of the Living Dead. “It’s going to be the landscape of Allison’s dreams.”

4:18 pm: “We’re not in the buzz business,” says Caron of Medium‘s lack of hype. “We’re in the broadcast business.” For example, Chuck has a tremendous amount of buzz but that “hasn’t translated into people actually watching the show.” Wait a sec, he’s going after Chuck now! Be careful, buddy. That’s not going to play well with this crowd.

4:23 pm: Weber says he and Arquette immediately found it easy to “pretend that we’re married.”

4:24 pm: Caron won’t rule out a guest spot by Patricia’s bro, David. “I’ve been looking for something for him to play,” he says. “It’s my personal goal in life to work with every Arquette.”

4:27 pm: Caron can’t resist the urge to take a swipe at his former network. “CBS has already run more promos than NBC had in five years,” he says. “But I say that with love in my heart.”

4:31 pm: Arquette says she decided to do TV partly because “poor or crippled people can be entertained without having to go to the movie theater.” I think her heart was in the right place with that comment.

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