The 200-plus members of the Television Critics Association celebrated its 25th anniversary of award-giving last week by handing them to shows including Battlestar Galactica (Program of the Year), True Blood (Outstanding New Program), and The Big Bang Theory (Outstanding Achievement in Comedy).

Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad won the TCA award for Individual Achievement in Drama, and Big Bang‘s Jim Parsons won for the same in the Comedy category. Mad Men won the best drama award, and best kid’s show? Yo Gabba Gabba!

I must say, as a TCA member myself, the crits from around the country did themselves proud this year — no clunkers in that bunch. Plus, a “career achievement” award went to Betty White, and who doesn’t deserve an award more than Betty White? Makes me proud to be a TV critic.

Quote of the night goes to Chuck Lorre, the producer behind The Big Bang Theory, and veteran of many a sitcom. “I’d like to speak from the heart,” he began, then paused. “But my heart was killed 20 years ago on Roseanne.”

Congrats to all the winners.