By Clark Collis
Updated July 31, 2009 at 04:42 PM EDT

The LA Times has posted a piece about a new exhibition at the Fullerton Museum Center which purports to show “The 100 Worst Album Covers.” The Times also has a gallery that includes examples of “the most magnificently cheesy and bizarre images ever to wrap a 12-inch vinyl disc.” The really bizarre thing? A lot of the covers are pretty awesome. True, some are great for unintentionally hilarious reasons. But, for my money, Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica actually belongs on a list of “The 100 Greatest Album Covers.” And the Beatles’ original “butcher cover” for their 1966 release Yesterday and Today is a terrific piece of subversive pop art.

So what gets your vote for the worst cover of all-time? Personally, I’ve always detested this dubious example of “What’s wrong with being sexy?”-type erotica by Brit rockers UFO (even if it is the work of Hipgnosis, the design company responsible for the cover of Dark Side of the Moon.) But can you do better? Or, rather, worse? If we get enough great examples, then maybe we’ll do our own gallery of craptastic covers.

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