Since I enjoy LOGO’s ridiculous reality treat RuPaul’s Drag Race so much, I’ve made it my personal mission to cover all aspects of the show here on PopWatch. (Just deal with it!) So now, a bit of news on season 1’s winner, the fabulous Bebe Zahara Benet: The Cameroooooooooon! native has got her own documentary coming! Who knew? Back at the season 1 finale party at NYC’s Therapy, where Bebe performed after she was crowned the winner, I remember seeing tons of cameras following her around — but I figured those were just for the show or some such. Alas, hark! It’s actually documentary cameras that have been following around the drag queen since May of 2006. Amaz!

And finally, there’s a trailer, which just went online yesterday:

Love those grainy, dramatic opening and closing montages. Don’t you? They just look glam, kind of throwbacky. It’s hard for me to get a good sense of all the doc will cover from this short trailer, but from the looks of it, a lot of the story will focus on Bebe’s rise to “drag stardom” since coming from her native Cameroon. My one request: Just make sure it’s loaded with lots of performances. Especially any that involve that huge, Lion King-esque wig she shakes around at about 1:10 in the trailer and wore at least once on Drag Race. Hellllllloo, that’s fabulous!

(Also, just as a quick plug for the people making this documentary, turns out it’s a non-profit that’s footing the bill. So they’re looking for people who’d like to donate to the cause of telling Bebe’s story. Anyway, just putting that out there.)

So, PopWatchers — and especially Drag Race fans — would you pay to go see a documentary about “drag superstar” Bebe Zahara Benet? Did the above trailer pique your interest? Or are you just over Bebe and the whole Drag Race thing entirely? (Seem like it’s about backlash time, right?)

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