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Call it radio on the TV — or more accurately, the stuff you’ll be hearing on the radio months from now, and perhaps on the TV even sooner than that, if some of our experts featured here can help it. The music supervisors behind top-rated shows like Glee, Dexter, House, Grey’s Anatomy, and many more have provided EW with a few of their favorite new artists. An abridged version of the list is in this week’s print magazine, but you can check out the full line-up right here after the jump. Click on the names of artists on the list to go directly to their MySpace and/or official websites. –Leah Greenblatt and Simon Vozick-Levinson

Alexandra Patsavas (Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Chuck, Twilight, New Moon)

La Roux: “They’re a British electro-pop synth duo, influenced by bands that I really love, like Heaven 17 and Blancmange. [Singer Elly Jackson] seems really compelling.”

Scars on 45: “It’s indie-acoustic pop from Leeds. Influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Radiohead. Beautiful, soaring songs, which I think about a lot in my line of work.”

Boy Crisis: “They’re a Brooklyn-based band. It’s electronic, it’s pop-tronic. It’s a little chaotic, but it’s really fun. It seems really licensable.”

Little Boots: “She’s pop as well: A great performer, really interesting.”

Band of Skulls: “An alternative rock band from London. It’s gritty, it’s raunchy, it’s got swagger. I really enjoy this band.”

Fyfe Dangerfield: “He’s the lead singer of Guillemots. He’s got such a compelling voice. He could sing the alphabet and I would listen to it.”

Janelle Monae: “She’s a modern-day Grace Jones to me. Her style is so cool, and she’s such a strong singer.”

Gary Calamar (True Blood, Dexter, House, the CW’s upcoming The Beautiful Life, L.A.’s KCRW radio)

Charlotte Gainsbourg (pictured, right): “I mean, her parents are Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin! Her new one [due this fall] is produced by Beck, and I think he wrote all the songs, so it’s a great mix of Charlotte’s sophisticated and sexy French pop and Beck’s inside-out production. The album is called MRI — I like the songs ‘Heaven Can Wait’ and ‘Me and Jane Doe.'”

Monsters of Folk: “It’s Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, M. Ward, and Mike Mogis .I can’t say I’ve heard anything beyond the single ‘Say Please,’ which I thought was great. I’m just really excited about them!”

Regina Spektor: “I do like the new one, Far, quite a bit. I think she’s a great artist, always pushing the pop envelope. I love the way she uses words as sounds, and tells these beautiful, evocative little stories, and I love when she sings like a dolphin and tells us how hilarious God is. It’s also my 7-year-old daughter’s favorite, so it crosses generations.” [laughs]

Those Darlins: “An all-girl trio from a college town in Tennessee — they’re kind of like the Carter Family meets the Runaways. They have these charming songs about DUIs and stuff like that. They seem like a good fit for True Blood. We shall see!”

Owl City: “Lovely electro-pop, reminiscent of Death Cab [for Cutie] and the Postal Service. I just sort of heard of them, and I like their cool pop sounds.”

Little Boots: “Love the fun sexy dance-pop! Also, the fact that it’s produced by Greg Kurstin from the Bird and the Bee, who did Lily Allen’s last record. And I love the single ‘New in Town.’ I also read that Caligula is Latin for ‘little boots’?”

Band of Skulls: “This band from the U.K., kind of a nice mix of bluesy rock and swagger to them. A couple songs that I love are ‘I Know What I Am’ and ‘The Hollywood Bowl’ and a song called ‘Blood,’ which we’re trying to find a place for on True Blood.”

Esser: “Another U.K. boy, I think he’s in his early 20s, from Essex. Refreshing pure pop with crazy loops and vocal samples, reminds me of Joe Meek producing Blur. I like the tracks ‘Brave Face’ and ‘Stop Dancing.'”

Just Jack: “Love the songwriting, kind of a pop/hip-hop groove. His third album is called All Night Cinema, and there’s this great track on there that I’ve been playing on the radio, ‘Embers.'”

Noisettes (pictured, top): “Great soul pop, kind of electro dance. ‘Never Forget You’ is a great single, and I think the frontwoman, Shingai Shoniwa, plays some unusual Japanese instrument that I should have got the name of… I love the track ‘Never Forget You.’“

Bat For Lashes: “Natasha Khan’s experimental songwriting does for the ’00s what Kate Bush and Bjork did for the ’80s and ’90s, respectively. I’m a total sucker for a throw-yourself-into-infatuation kind of song, not unrequited love, so I love ‘Siren Song.’ And I loved her first album, but Two Suns is just… it’s new, you know?”

Florence and The Machine: “I first got turned on when I saw them on the Brit Awards; I dig the whole the indie soulfulness, and the songwriting is so great. ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’ sounds completely unstructured, but when you’re not looking it turns into a song with three or four different hooks. I like the idea of a collective. People get so sick of this manufactured crap with no substance whatsoever, and often the U.K. stuff doesn’t translate, but I’d be shocked if US audiences didn’t eat them up.”

La Roux: “I kinda got turned on to to this UK synth-pop duo through the remixes. When I started to hear the record, it’s super ’80s-out. I feel like it’s a good emulation of what it was really like back then — their songs remind me of the best of the ’80s club scene, and the remixes from A-list producers find their way into my DJ sets all the time.”

The Avett Brothers (pictured, left): “They’re two North Carolina brothers who’ve put so many albums out, but this new one is produced by Rick Rubin and it’s got the big major-label push. I’m not a huge fan of alt-country Wilco-ish type of stuff, but these guys I really dig. The song ‘Laundry Room’ has got all of these awesome interwoven melodies and harmonies, and ‘I And Love And You’ is as close to an Americana masterpiece as I’ve come across recently.”

Hollywood Holt: “If you like hip-hop, mopeds and James Brown-like live performances, you’re gonna love Hollywood Holt. Kanye [West] blogged the video for his single ‘Hollywood’ in late 2008, and now he’s on the 2009 Lollapalooza bill. Holt is part of this whole scene with Mic Terror and Million Dollar Mano. It’s like the next generation, post-Lupe Fiasco thing. And he also heads this moped club. Very sharp dressed, very much from the street. I really like the track ‘Swerve n Lean.'”

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