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Updated July 31, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT
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It’s late Friday afternoon, guys, and you know what that means! Time to duck out of work early Time to review the week behind us with a close look at some of its more popular PopWatch entries! In a summer filled with wizards, comic-book heroes, and guinea pigs, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of our more simple human concerns. The Bachelorette certainly scratched that itch, with enough of the lovey-dovey stuff to last us through to next V-Day. Of course there were vampires, too, which nullifies the whole “human” thesis…but you guys are notoriously bipolar. Or I’m just terrible at writing intros. ANYWAY, your top ten:

10. A trailer for Heroes‘ 4th season failed to register with Marc Bernardin, but certainly got you talking. About heroes, mostly.

9. America’s Got Talent, the #1 show on television for over a month now, was floundering in PopWatch…until the judges committed an act so heinous, so immoral, that we can’t even discuss it in this post.

8. Let “The Week of The Bachelorette” begin! Mandi Bierly and Michael Slezak live-blogged the finale in all its rosy enchantment. Ed beat ED! And Jillian got her man! Love!

7. American Idol’s rumor mill has been “buzzier than an angry bumblebee,” says Slezak, with no bee buzzier than Ms. Paula Abdul. Will she stay? Will she go? Can she SURVIVE out there? Limitless discussion potential, if your comments are any indication.

6. I’ve been meaning to tell you about this screenplay I wrote. It’s like… a cross between Terminator and Legally Blonde…but with vampires. You’re going to love it, because you love ANYTHING WITH VAMPIRES.

5. Speaking of, the dispute between actress Rachelle Lefevre and Summit Entertainment over her role in the third Twilight movie has reached fever pitch. Where do you stand?

4. Back to “The Week of The Bachelorette” for a second. At our number four spot? The mere ANNOUNCEMENT of Chris Harrison’s upcoming blog post. What that means for the week’s top spot, I have no idea.

3. Mandi Bierly asked you who was replaceable in the Twilight film series, and you responded with trademark gusto. I refuse to watch an Eclipse with Michael Cera replacing Robert Pattinson.

2. It’s a simple but loaded question: “Was 1984 the greatest year in movies ever?” Chris Nashawaty sure thinks so, but many of you felt differently. Who can forget 1907? What a year.

1. It’s “The Week of The Bachelorette,” guys. Were you expecting any other possible outcome? Chris Harrison, god among ants.

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