The ''Harry Potter'' star's style and acting skill make her our entertainer for the month of July

By Meeta Agrawal
Updated July 31, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

It’s official: The series may be named after a boy wizard, but this time around the spotlight belongs to Harry’s know-it-all best friend. As audiences — to the tune of $221 million and counting — have watched a grown-up Hermione face terrifying challenges like the threat of unrequited love (oh, and those pesky Death Eaters) in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, we also witnessed an actress who’s crossed the threshold from child star into something fiercely graceful.

When Watson stepped out for the London premiere of HP6, rain and one unfortunate gust of wind set off a wardrobe malfunction that could have been worthy of Britney Spears…if it weren’t for the 19-year-old’s quick wit (and modest underpinnings). ”At least I’m wearing underwear,” she later joked, charming David Letterman during a Late Show appearance.

And speaking of dresses, Watson’s parade of fun, fresh, and age-appropriate frocks proved her to be a fashion icon for a new generation. What’s next for Watson? The star is off to Brown University this fall, but fortunately for Hermione fans everywhere, she still has two more Potter films — and what’s sure to be a Gringotts vault full of opportunities — ahead.