Cats on video: Best of the web -- ''Catcerto,'' ''Keyboard Cat,'' and ''Maru and the Big Box'' are some of our picks

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated July 31, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Lithuanian composer Mindaugas Pieˆaitis conducts one of Nora’s compositions. ”Nora plays with music the way other cats play with toy mice,” Pieˆaitis says. The song blows the roof off the Klaipeda Concert Hall, but we still prefer Nora as a soloist. B+

Gizmo Flushes
A black-and-white puss flushes a toilet, watches the water swirl down the drain, then flushes again, then watches again — over and over for nearly three minutes. Now, that’s entertainment. A timeless classic in the cat-video oeuvre. A+

Keyboard Cat
A cat in a blue shirt playing an annoying organ riff is inserted into blooper footage — like a man falling off a treadmill — with the running joke ”Play him off, Keyboard Cat” inserted as the title. Call us purr-ists, but the cat’s paws are obviously fake. C

Maru and the Big Box
This kitty from Japan delivers in video after video and has better timing than a lot of human comedy stars. We love the clip with the paper bag, but this one — in which Maru hops in and out of a box — is our favorite. A+

Kittens Inspired by Kittens
The true star of this video isn’t one of the adorable kittens shown in a book of feline photographs (cute as they are); it’s the adorable little girl who provides the kitties with silly dialogue (like ”I’m at work!” for this cat typist). B+

Simon’s Cat ”Cat-Man-Do”
Technically, it’s not really a cat video. It’s one in a series of simple line-drawn cat cartoons. But it’s so funny and true — and so brilliantly encapsulates the joys and frustrations of cat ownership — we had to include it here. A